2020: a year of crisis, resilience, and Real Change

Throughout 2020 I was a features reporter for Real Change and what a year to be a regulars staff writer! There was Covid, a national racial justice movement, record-breaking wildfires, a historical and high-stakes presidential election, a lot of worry, fear, and yet still hope. It was a huge learning experience, and also a reminder that even journalists are human and that we are expected to report and personally grapple with often stressful news cycles at the same time.

Real Change Seattle’s only remaining weekly paper that is also a source of economic opportunity for vendors who sell the paper. Many of the vendors have been houseless or have experienced other hardships and are paving the way for themselves. Real Change is both a community for them and a published product that they sell for $2 a piece. They keep all the profits! What I loved most about working there along with being able to cover hyper-local stories was the chance to get to know vendors, hear their life stories and learn from their advice and wisdom. If you ever see a Real Change vendor, please consider supporting them!

You can find all the articles I wrote while at the newspaper here. I have highlighted a few of my favorite (and most challenging) pieces below.

“Wa Na Wari scales up to create a cultural ecosystem in the Central District”, December 23, 2020

“Taking up space, even on the Eastside, even during Covid,”, November 18, 2020

“You never find the same art twice,” October 14, 2020

“Finding mana,” September 9, 2020

“The wisdom of prevention,” and “The politics of legitimacy” (a two part series on alternative medicine), July, and August 2020

“Holding Space”(all about CHOP), June 24, 2020

“Students have had enough” (Seattle students protest police presence in schools), June 10, 2020

“Covid-19 brings a dialogue of reckoning what is means to be Asian American”, May 6, 2020

“The color and shape of Seattle’s heart” (about the beautiful murals that artists painted around Seattle during the early days of the pandemic), April 29, 2020